Frequently asked questions

Can I return our product if we do not like it?

Yes of course. We understand that sometimes the rug just does not fit into the colour scheme of your room. If this is the case we will be happy to help you choose an alternative or to arrange a return for you. Please send us a message using our 'Contact Us' form or call us and one of our team members will assist you with this process.

I have seen a rug I like, but can I have it in a different size or colour?

Here at Modern Style Rugs™ we are adding and improving our ranges all of the time so if you can't see what you are looking for, please feel free to send one of our sales assistants a quick message and we will let you know.

Are the rugs easy to clean?

Yes, this is one of the main benefits of a Modern Style Rugs™ piece, they are very easy to maintain. All rugs come with care instructions on the back to keep your rug looking fresh and new for as long as possible.

Why can't I buy directly from Modern Style Rugs?

We are currently working on enabling our customers to directly purchase from us, we thank you for your patience whilst we set this up.

There is a problem with my rug, what can I do?

We accept that sometimes things can go wrong. If there are any issues with your purchase, please contact us.